• Refurbishment of Minamark Resort & Spa into the first and the most trendy 4* Boutique Resort in Egypt.
  • Acquiring other hotels for management and serve different concepts.
  • Opening our second resort Nubamar in MarsaAlam to lead the resort scene in its location.
  • Expanding in restaurants that are of different concepts serving the same niche clientele. (sense of belonging to community) and we already have ORA Restaurant in Cairo.
  • Acquiring the Management of well-located Hotels & re-brand, re-position all its outlets

To take our company global and pursuit to lead more world markets in our Hotels and Restaurant business by reach our goals.

  • We realize the fact that employees are the single most valuable asset we have as a management company.
  • We totally realize the distinction and the thin line between Service & Hospitality.
  • Our extensive knowledge academically, and experience in operating huge establishments like hotels.
  • Team of consultants and advisor that work for and with host inn during the journey to success.
  • Our Priorities are different than those of our competitors

Employees: We realize that employees are the most valuable asset in our company. This principle calls for a special treatment and investment in our Employees, on the other hand call us to be very selective and very strict to hire and evaluate our employees constantly.
Guests: The fact that employees comes first comes from the need for taking the guest side all the way. When dealing with guests you are truly trying to get the best deal for them not using them to up sell. Your suggestions should always be in the guest’s interest all the time to gain their absolute trust and loyalty.
Community: It is the neighborhood, the district and what we give back generally speaking to our environment that is our third priority. To really be admired by your guests you have to be in harmony with your surroundings. From addressing people concerns to charity and environment consciousness we should be a role model for our Country
Suppliers: Transparency when dealing with our suppliers is very important (one of the main stakeholders and a crucial part in our service delivery). It is important that we include them with us in charitable work, serving the communities around them and sharing our passion for ethical and moral partnership.
Investors: The reason they came last in our priorities are not that they are not important but the vice versa. When you focus on the 4 previous priorities we will eventually maintain and enhance revenue and satisfaction from being associated with such a company and its brand.